Digital games and education

  • Game based-learning
  • Digital media literacy and digital game
  • Educational technologies and digital game
  • Digital game and children’s culture
  • New approaches and discourses in education field
  • School and digital game –future designs
  • Out of school education and digital game
  • Digital game based-learning for mentally retarded children (autism, dyslexia, dyscalculia)
  • Digital games for physically retarded (deaf and blind) children

Digital games and child development; Positive impacts of digital games on child development

  • Improvement of optic skills through digital games
  • The role of the digital games on motor skills
  • Digital games and improvement of analytic skills
  • The role of the digital games on mental functioning

Negative effects of digital games on child development

  • Children’s safety on online games
  • Game addiction
  • Digital games and academic achievements
  • Digital games and their effects on children’s physical health (obesity, spinal deformation etc.)
  • Social isolation

Digital parenting

  • Digital games and family life
  • Raising parental awareness on digital games
  • Social interaction in digital games

Stereotypes in digital games world

  • Sexism and gender stereotypes in digital games
  • Racial stereotypes in digital games
  • Digital games and virtual characters

International and national legislation and policies in digital game field

  • PEGI
  • NICAM ve Institute of Video Standards
  • Country applications/best practices

Digital game types, players in digital game world, the Internet of Toys

  • Internet of things and digital games/toys
  • Internet of toys
  • Privacy and safety concerns in digital toys
  • Digital games as e-sport

Digital game industry and children games

  • Design process in digital games
  • Script and editing in digital games
  • Future of digital games
  • Digital game economy
  • Digital game technology